Writing Markdown

When writing a document you want to spend most of your time on content, not formatting.

Typ allows you to write your document's content in a simple, lightweight text format called Markdown.

With Typ, you can specify the important parts of your document's appearance, like font style and page size. Typ will combine your configuration with it's own sensible formatting style to produce a PDF.

You can learn more about how to write Markdown on Markdown Guide.


Typ supports images using the standard Markdown syntax. Currently only .png format images are supported.



Syntax highlighting

Typ supports syntax highlighting for Markdown code blocks.

In order to turn on syntax highlighting for a code block, you need to supply a language code.

For instance, for a C# code block:

 int x = 0;

Syntax highlighting Markdown code reference

A table of supported languages and their codes is listed here.

Language Markdown code
ASPX aspx
C c
C++ c++
C# c#
COBOL cobol
Eiffel eiffel
FORTRAN fortran
Haskell haskell
HTML html
Java java
JavaScript javascript
Mercury mercury
Pascal pascal
Perl perl
PHP php
Python python
Ruby ruby
SQL sql
Visual Basic visual basic
VB Script vbscript
VB.NET vb.net
XML xml