For a work that consists of multiple files (front cover, multiple chapter files, preamble, etc), these should be stored in a single folder, termed a Project.

A Project is just a normal folder on your file system that contains files that Typ can work with.

Typ will consider the working directory to be a Project folder. Therefore, it's best to use a single folder for the exclusive use of Typ if you plan to use multiple files.

Creating a Project

Create a new folder somewhere on the file system. This will be the Project folder.

Add Markdown files for the content of your document. Ensure each file has a .md file extension.

You may also choose to add a configuration file, config.yaml. See Configuration.

Reserved file names

There are certain file names that have special meanings in Typ. If present in your Project, Typ will automatically pick them up and use them.

For instance, to add a cover image to your document, just add a file called front-cover.png to your Project.

See the Project file reference at the end of this page for details.

Projects and the command line

When you run typ typset in a Project, Typ will do the following:

Reserved Project file name reference

This table explains the purpose of each Project file.

File Description optional
*.md The content of the document false
config.yaml Configuration for how the document should be produced. See Configuration for details about each configuration option. true The first content page. Could contain copyright details, author information, etc. true
front-cover.png The front cover image of your document true
back-cover.png The back cover image of your document true