Follow these steps to download and install Typ.

Install Typ

Windows users

Linux users

PATH environment variable

To run Typ from anywhere on your machine, you must add it to your PATH environment variable.

Install PDFtk Server (Optional)

Some features of Typ depend on a command line application called PDFtk Server.

Only follow this step if you know you want to use a feature that depends on PDFtk Server. If you're just getting started with Typ, it's best to skip this step.


Download and install PDFtk Server following the instructions on their website. Ensure it's available on your PATH, which can be tested after installation by running pdftk from the command line.

If you don't want to add PDFtk Server to your PATH, you can use the pdfTkPath Configuration option.

Think this is annoying? PDFtk Server requires a paid license for redistribution. If you'd like to help improve Typ by sponsoring the redistribution license see Contact.