Command line

Typ is a command line tool. You can use it with the Windows Command Prompt, PowerShell, bash, and so on.

General usage is typ [command] [arguments].

There is currently only one command, typeset.


Note that it might be necessary to run Typ with elevated permissions (e.g. with sudo).

Command line arguments reference


Argument Alias Effect
--inputFilepaths -i List of Markdown files to use to create a formatted PDF.
--outputFilepath -o Output file path.

Note that if --inputFilepaths is not specified, Typ will look for files in the working directory. This behavior is explained in more detail in Projects.


Further configuration can be supplied through command line arguments. See Configuration.

Example usage

typ typeset -i -o myDoc.pdf --pageSize A4

Longer paths may need to be escaped with double quotes:

typ typeset -i "C:\path\to the file\" -o myDoc.pdf --pageSize A4